Greetings fellow serpent enthusiasts! Snake Insider greets you to the world of snakes where every detail on this particular reptile is covered – from the most miniscule aspect to the matters of high grandeur!

This project is jointly operated by two passionate herpetologists who are academically engaged with researching and publishing newfound knowledge on different snake species. One of the key objectives of this project is to make insight on a wide spectrum of snakes available to curious learners across the world!


Apart from sharing knowledge, Snake Insider aspires to arouse interest so that more individuals are drawn toward herpetology – the study of snakes. And the first step toward attaining this purpose is to show how intriguing the realm of serpents is!

Whether the readers generate a drive to take up zoology as their prime subject of academic venture, or simply take care of the snakes within the reach – it’s completely up to each individual. The shared goal would be to guarantee maximum preservation for every snake species out there.

What Can You Offer?

As the readers and snake lovers, you can have a part to play in this mission as well! First thing you can do here is to obtain any knowledge that sounds new or interesting to you. Then you can disseminate that information to your friends, family or neighbors.

It can work as an awareness about the snake-kind, the species that are currently threatened and require protection – the contribution back to mother nature can start from your doorstep!

Meet Our Team

Let’s take a brief look at the two minds that are responsible for such an initiative and utmost dedication toward the serpent family!

David Mifsud

Owner, Herpetological Resource and Management, Michigan, USA


David’s work in the field began a couple decades ago with his academic degree in Michigan where he was born and brought up. From being an environmental specialist and wetland expert, David’s focus soon shifted toward amphibians and reptiles. The survey work he had conducted is referred to by the local researchers till date.

His vow to preserve the ecology from being torn apart led to the foundation of his organization. Through this action, he believes managing the resources to confirm a safe habitat can one day reduce the steepness of decline for a vast portion of the Reptilia class. Holding his hand, Snake Insider has crafted the blueprint to share the global vision for snake awareness.

Rebecca Hippensteel

Herpetological Technician, Michigan, USA


If someone has to be regarded as the heart of this project, it should be Rebecca with her relentless passion for ecological preservation. Adventurous by nature, this individual has dived deep into nature on numerous accounts. She did it not only to retrieve information on snakes, but also to offer her assistance to alter the reptile condition for betterment.

Her career began through volunteering at a nature center specializing in restoring the ecosystem. As she propelled forward, Rebecca picked up a strong interest in endangered reptiles like the Massasauga Rattlesnake. Due to her fluency with words, you’ll often find her write-ups on snakes posted in different platforms apart from Snake Insider.

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